NV Veuve Deville Sparkling (6 bottles)

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Pale gold colour with fine persistent bead. Fruity aromas and light florals with delicate hints of nuttiness and lemon. Full flavours of stone fruit, citrus and melon, exhibiting rich yeasty complexity, light biscuit characters with just a hint of honey on the palate. The complete sparkling Brut, in the style of France's finest, Pierre Deville is balanced by crisp but gentle acids, an approachable wine that's fresh and clean, showing good length. A wine for all occasions and a variety of foods, hors d'ouvres and cheese, shellfish or fruit, and don't forget your favourite dessert.

  • Varietal Sparkling
  • Brand Name Veuve Deville
  • Liquor StyleSparkling White
  • Size 750mL
  • Current Vintage Non Vintage
  • ORE Rating                                        98
  • CountryFrance
  • Alcohol Volume 10.5%

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