The Vault: The Topdrop Artist Series – Meet Our First Artist Combining Modern Pop Culture with Timeless Masterpieces

The Vault: The Topdrop Artist Series – Meet Our First Artist Combining Modern Pop Culture with Timeless Masterpieces

The Vault: The Topdrop Artist Series is a collection of limited edition wines featuring the commissions of internationally renowned artists.

The Girl with the Pearl Earring smokes a cigarette in a baggy t-shirt off a balcony in urban Western Europe, while the hero of The Birth of Venus strolls out of the ocean with a surfboard in her arm. Michelangelo’s famous painting, The Creation of Adam features a modern-day twist, as God passes Adam a Starbucks coffee – the substance it seems people in our contemporary era cannot function without.

A young girl of the Renaissance sits in bed with her head in her hands as an Apple Mac pop-up box displays the words, ‘sorry, motivation not found’. Pre-Raphaelite goddesses exchange likes on Instagram and a man collapses in the arms of an angel while his Insta feed shows no likes, no friends and no notifications.

These are the unique pieces created by Turkish-born Mehmet Geren. He is the first artist chosen in our The Vault: The Topdrop Artist Series – which is a series of limited-edition wines in collaboration with carefully-curated world leading artists. At Topdrop, we believe wine should be shared between loved ones – as should the world’s best art. So, for the commissioned pieces in this series, you can own an artwork that is inspiring conversation across the world. Geren is the first of this limited-edition collection.

Geren’s vision is to initiate reflection in a tongue-in-cheek manner as he manipulates classical masterpieces, displayed in juxtaposition to some of the most probing concepts of today. He pokes fun at the awkward realities of today’s modern culture by combining them with popular historical artworks of the past.

From boozy escapades to desperately checking for social media likes, Geren highlights some of the most awkward traits of humanity as he manipulates imagery to transport you into a surreal world – so awkwardly familiar, yet never seen before.

However, this kind of artwork wasn’t initially in Geren’s original plan. Geren is traditionally a high-end retouch designer with a background in advertising and fashion photography, working with post-production and graphics. While these fields are his primary work, his cult artwork is a hobby which has quickly become an obsession and has soon garnered him a mass collective following. Nearly 200,000 people follow his artistic social commentaries on Instagram, and this audience continues to grow.

Before they sell out, you can pre-order a bottle of The Vault x Mehmet Green featuring a piece that may seem only too familiar – the confessions of love and appreciation under the woozy influence of a drink.